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We have fantastic facilities throughout campus including the Kuiper imaging coreX-ray diffraction facilityKeck center for nano-imagingLaboratory for electron spectroscopy and surface analysis (LESSA), and the Micro/Nano fabrication and Optical sciences cleanrooms. Additionally, we have the following equipment available in our lab:

Yanan Glovebox 1.jpg


We have two Vigor SciLab gloveboxes connected by a T-antechamber, which we use for making solutions of moisture and oxygen sensitive materials and fabricating devices in an inert environment. 

Anton Working 4.jpg


Inovenso NE100 with temperature and humidity control, capable of creating polymer fibers with diameters on the order of 100 nm. This machine is capable of spinning two materials simultaneously, either as separate fibers or in a core-shell configuration.

Thin Film Stress Analyzer.jpg

Thin Film Stress Analyzer

We have a K-Space ThermalScan TS25 (the first of its kind!) capable of measuring residual film stresses on small substrates over a wide range of environmental conditions. 



Our Horiba Fluorolog-3 Spectrofluorometer is capable of measuring both steady-state and time-correlated single photon counting of fluorescent emission from thin films and solutions. 

Environmental chamber.jpg

Environmental Chamber

Devices can be aged in our Weiss Technik Endurance 180/40 Environmental Chamber, from -40 C to 180 C with relative humidities up to 98%.

Solar Simulator.jpg

Solar Simulator

We have an OAI TriSol TSS-100US AAA solar simulator capable of AM1.5G conditions over a 100 mm by 100 mm area. 


Adhesion/Cohesion Tester

Our DTS Delaminator is used for testing the adhesion and/or cohesion of thin films in single cantilever, double cantilever, three-point bending, or four-point bending configurations; samples can be tested in ambient or at varying environmental conditions.


Tensile Tester

With our Mark-10 tensile tester, we can measure the stress/strain responses of bulk materials, giving us information about their Young's modulus, yield point, ultimate tensile strength, and toughness.

Stretch Station.JPG

Stretch Station

We use a highly precise Newmark linear actuator to drive our purpose-built testing setups for measuring the stress-strain response of thin films. We can determine the tensile modulus, yield point, and crack-onset strain for film-on-elastomer systems of all kinds.

Contact Angle Goniometer.JPG

Contact Angle Goniometer

Krüss contact angle goniometer with two automated dispensers and a tilt table for measuring the surface energies of materials under different conditions.


Spin Coaters

We have several Laurell spin coaters, in ambient and inert conditions for thin film fabrication.

Plasma Cleaner.JPG

Plasma Cleaner/Etcher

We have an OptiGlow ACE system capable of generating plasmas from 10 to 150W, useful for cleaning surfaces, preparing them for functionalization, PDMS bonding, or etching.

3D printer.JPG

3D Printer

Epax X1 SLA 3D printer for rapid prototyping of parts and experimental setups.

Vacuum Oven.jpg

Vacuum Oven

Our vacuum oven is used for heating and drying a range of materials and samples.

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